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Cubed Resourcing is a recruiter inspired, shaped and advised by manufacturing professionals specifically for the UK manufacturing industry.

Cubed works side by side with established and new start, large or small manufacturing businesses, their associates and supply chains.

Cubed has a passion for ensuring that UK business is able to compete for the talent and skills necessary to deliver World Class products.

Cubed recognises that elusive and in demand skills need to be competed for and has a service offering for key workers designed to attract and retain the best available talent.

For Candidates and Workers

Cubed is committed to securing the best opportunities for our candidates and providing outstanding services and benefits to our workforce...

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Employers and Hirers

Read more about how Cubed's unique approach to recruiting and engaging labour is making a positive difference to our clients...

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Cubed + You = Best

All About Cubed

Right First Time Hiring is what happens when industry, innovation and recruitment combine to give the market what it demands and needs...

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News Blog and FAQs

Essential and up to date information, advice and links for job hunters and industry...

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