This week we welcomed Oscar to the team as part of his work placement programme.

We have set him a range of tasks – designed to help develop his social/interpersonal skills and give an insight to the world beyond the supported environment he enjoys as part of his schooling and social support with various groups/charities that support people with additional learning needs and conditions.

Some of the principals within the business work closely  with support group, special schools and charities that support children with additional needs as trustees, advocates and fund raisers.

We have longer term ambitions of creating a specialist and dedicated organisation to help secure quality work placement, internships , apprenticeships and career gateways for young people with ASD and other additional needs.  At the end of his successful week, he wrote a blog to share his experiences:-

My Work Placement Blog

Before you question it, yes, this is indeed Oscar Street this article up. ‘Who is Oscar’ you are possibly craving to ask? The bloke who did work experience at this place for about five days.

For the weekday, Ilkley Grammar School, the place of my education, sent us all out on the second-to-last week of school doing work experience.

Personally, I decided to work for Cubed Resourcing, Indigo Healthcare and Future Skills Academy, mainly working under the recruitment and training sector.

I have been doing various activities such as doing research and collecting information about the previously listed companies and foreign sites, digital art work and media design.

Now that I am at the end of work experience, I feel like I am quite happy and content with what I have done this week and I did find it a bit more fun than school, despite realizing how few holidays you get in the working world.