It’s National Allotment week – who knew?! And something you might also not know is that Cubed’s own Kerri Tucker has quite the green thumb.
With an existing love of the outdoors but no experience (outside the occasional attempt to grow a few things with her dad when she was younger), Kerri kick-started her allotment in March 2020, planting her first strawberry seeds as well as radishes and potatoes.

The first year came and went with mixed success, growing enough courgettes and potatoes to feed the office for a year, but not a lot else! Since then Kerri has taken on a second plot and started planting like a woman possessed; squash, pumpkins, courgettes, apples, plums, cherries (all of which got eaten by the birds), radishes, spinach, lettuce, beetroot, parsnips, potatoes, strawberries, chilli's, peppers, french & runner beans, leeks, cauliflower, broccoli & rhubarb. We think that's all of them... phew, what a list! We have every faith that this year will see a flourish of perfect vegetables ripe for the picking.

This year’s National Allotment Week is all about celebrating allotments and 'Plotting for the Future'. We won't go into too much detail about why allotments are a great idea, but we will tell you there is allota them...
But seriously, allotments are fantastic for the environment, help you to reduce your carbon footprint and become self-sufficient - not to mention the benefits for your mental health. As Kerri rightfully puts it, 'the satisfaction of eating things you've grown is ridiculously good!'
This is the first post in our ‘Anything But Square’ series – a peek behind the curtain into the lives of the people who are the beating heart of Cubed. We have lot’s more in the works so watch this space!