It’s a funny thing this ‘recruitment’ industry. It’s a sector that ostensibly specialises in helping employers develop strategies designed to compete for, win and retain the best available people. Because having great people = improves the odds of having a great business; in every sense of the word. Yet, the sector often gets its own hiring strategy and decisions wrong – with a heavy price to pay for all concerned.

We're working to get this right for the next and emerging generation of recruitment professionals with our Recruitment 2.0 strategy.

Recruitment is a sector that has grown (and continues to grow) inexorably – and as result, offers those that can and that do with career and sometime life changing opportunities and rewards.

Beyond the capabilities, motivation, determination and potential of the individual recruiter; the choice of recruitment business is a critical factor. Where is the business in its development and growth cycle, is the business committed to and investing meaningfully in L&D, are career pathways available and clearly defined, is the business in the best space in the market – has the business got a culture of enabling and fast tracking its high potential people?

We believe that we’re entering a phase in our evolution that offers some of the best opportunities in the market.
We are actively inviting interest from experienced and rising stars in the following roles:
  1. Permanent recruiters for our healthcare and engineering divisions
  2. Temporary/contract recruiters
  3. Proven/strong BD people – to help grow our Onsite Managed Services division
  4. Ambitious business managers and senior consultants looking for a serious step up in career

Cubed offers clear career pathways/fast-track opportunities, bespoke L&D, lifestyle rewards scheme, uncapped earning potential, employee benefits, an innovative service proposition and major investment in technology and winning strategies.

We believe we have the best of both worlds - a business with an impressive heritage (23 years and counting), extensive experience and a long and proven track record coupled with the imagination, an instinct to challenge and test boundaries that often characterises a young business.

If you feel that you have more to give and more to gain - perhaps the natural watershed of the New Year is the opportunity to explore what's out there. Mail in confidence; to discuss and explore further.