With Christmas fast approaching it has come time for the end of year briefing and as much of a chistmas 'party' we can have - at a distance! A veritable rollercoaster of highs, lows and thankfully finishing off the year on something of a high - despite the worst that Covid threw at us and the economy.

‘Don’t waste a good crisis' (as someone once said) - 2020 was certainly a year when we had to comfortable with discomfort and embrace change like our new best friend.

So, what did we learn? We learned:
  • The importance of values, culture and leadership - when the proverbial hits the fan
  • That doing the hard yards, every day - rewarded us with a recovery that has given us a platform on which to build for 2021 and beyond
  • Thinking and acting quickly and decisively - helped protect the business, the people and the potential to go again - when the sun comes out
  • We all had new and extra gears when push came to shove

Our year briefing hinged on each of our values:

C - communicate; open , honest, real time conversations about out thinking, plans and actions.
I - Inspire each other to work above and beyond to earn our recovery
R - reward ourselves with additional leave, recovery bonuses and extra pastoral support
C - celebrate; continue to recognise efforts and achievements, life events - birthdays and work anniversaries
L - love our people with self-care, flexibility and wellbeing and caring for our communities
E - elevate by investing in the development of our team and creating new pathways for our rising stars

The team were enthusiastic about the idea of diverting our usual Christmas party spend to three local charities:
  • Manorlands Cancer Care
  • Martin House Children’s Hospice
  • Simon on the Streets - carrying for our homeless communities in Yorkshire

In a nutshell - when the pandemic came knocking - it was ultimately our people that made the difference that’s why we’re; #poweredbypeople

We finished the day with some festive fun - not even Covid can stand in the way of a Cubed Christmas! Make sure to watch to the end to find out exactly what a socially distanced party game entails!