This is why smart businesses are putting L&D at the heart of their business strategy.

Some facts and sentiments to help set the scene…
  1. 73% of employers are quoted as being ‘somewhat’ or ‘extremely’ concerned about the lack of available skills in the labour economy.
  2. Over 60% of CEO’s suggest that having a skilled and adaptable workforce is a major priority for government and business.
  3. The UK continues to lag behind other EU nations in terms of CVT (continuous vocational training) per 1000 worked.
  4. Brains are more important than brawn.
  5. The ability to anticipate and prepare for future skills requirements will be the difference between business failure, survival and prosperity
  6. Employee loyalty is at an all-time low - employers need to offer something over and above 'the job'.
  7. Access to quality professional development features in the top 5 lists of motivating factors amongst high performing and high potential employees.
  8. Re-modelling business to multi/cross and up skill the workforce + harnessing AI and automation is 'essential' to maintain competitiveness.
[sources; PWC, Deloitte, CIPD]

A World Class challenge – needs a World Class response.

To help lead our challenge, Brenda Hogan heads up our Academy.

"Brenda brings a wealth of critical experience within industry – across funding for skills, learning and development, organisational design and development and programme delivery – including the creation of an in-house L&D Academy for a global manufacturing business with over 200 international locations."

The Future Skills Academy offers an innovative range of integrated services to business and industry across a series of key specialisms – including:
  1. Enhanced Managed Apprenticeship Service
  2. Whole of life learning and workforce development
  3. Learning and Development Strategy
  4. Organisational Development
  5. Funding for skills consultancy – including expertise on the apprenticeship levy
  6. Approved Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Centre of Excellence

As part of the push for improved productivity, sustainability and overall performance - business and industry is starting to focus on the importance of learning and development throughout the business cycles and in the context of long term organisational design and development.

The FSA offers a range of diagnostic services to help identify gaps in business capabilities and risk - the findings of which, help inform the strategy and blueprint for World Class OD and L&D programmes.

Regardless of size, sector or current levels of maturity of your existing approach to L&D - the FSA will quickly help make sense of the best way forward, hassle free, effective and focused on value.

For more information, make contact and we'll take things from there.