Much is made of the value of collaboration and partnerships in business. Let’s face it; organisations have a simple choice to make; a) be an active stakeholder in a shared success story or b) be complicit in a supplying partners failure through inaction and poor engagement.

Our relationship with HESCO is evidence of the power and potency of active collaboration, shared values and importance of joint enterprise. Over recent years, we have developed a joint strategy that has helped reform and refine the approach to talent/resource acquisition and management, evolved the process end to end and have crafted out a rolling and agile plan to ensure that we have security of supply.

We have worked with the business to develop a highly compelling proposition that allows us to compete in one if the UK’s strongest regional labour economies..

It’s a little known fact that Leeds has seen the highest rate of private sector jobs growth at 6.1%, ahead of London and 4.4% and well above the national average of 2.5%) so leaving things to chance is not an option.

The leadership team at HESCO is pro-active, progressive and participative - helping to explore and identify new and better ways of overcoming the usual and sometimes, less obvious challenges relating to resource, skills and productivity.

It's relationships such as this where the win/wins come from; as a result of the focus on cooperation and innovation, we have evolved as a business - in capability and philosophically.

We’re proud of our association with HESCO and grateful for their support in helping establish the dedicated, embedded onsite support model that is now servicing the business in situ.
Read: an excellent piece by the HESCO CEO in the the latest Business Focus Magazine - along with a brief profile of Cubed Talent Management.

Pages 76 - 83