We think it was Norman Tebbitt (remember him!) who once infamously urged UK workers to ‘get on their bikes’ somewhat clumsily translating government policy and the need at the time for individuals to take responsibility to find and stay in work. 
Well, one of our Cubed colleagues had done exactly that - making a daily round trip of 5 miles to his workplace at the Cross Green Industrial Estate in Leeds. In fact, come rain or shine - Michael had made the journey pretty much on time, every day by bicycle - and no doubt, making his own personal contribution to reducing carbon emissions in the process.
This had been the daily routine since starting on assignment…….until some sticky fingered thief made away with the bike and was to be seen no more!
So, what to do?
It struck us and our host client that the right thing to do was to make good our man’s losses and promptly make arrangements for a brand new replacement to be delivered and hand presented by a grateful member of the management team to get him back on the road - just in time for summer.
We don’t consider this situation to be out of the ordinary - there is a three way co-dependacncy and equal relationship between any recruitment agency, their colleagues on assignment and the host company to which they are assigned - they all rely on and need each other.  
As we see it - a win/win/win!
All in all, a happy outcome for all concerned.