Getting to the Apex - 100% Satisfaction and 100% Contribution, our formula for success and bringing business & personal aspirations together.

The Whole Cubed Caboodle is our homegrown, flexible and bespoke reward and benefits programme - designed by us, for us.

The Whole Caboodle Scheme has been inspired by our Values:

C - Communicate (open, honest, always)
I - Inspire (comes from within, lifts and energises other)
R - Reward (recognise outstanding work, actions and efforts)
C - Celebrate (business wins and life goals in equal measure)
L - Love (care for ourselves, each other and our communities)
E - Elevate (give each other a leg up, enable and empower)

If you're a recruiter, business manager or relationship/account manager - wondering who and what else is out there; The Whole Caboodle is just the tip of the Cubed Talent iceberg.