Quick employer survey – from the perspective of a high performing/high potential candidate; is your business essentially;

A)   A World Class/Gold Standard destination employer 

B)   In all probability, average

C)   Potentially fairly crappy

The UK labour market has come a long way since the bad old days of almost zero regulation – an environment that permitted unrestricted working hours, with a race to the bottom approach to rates of pay. As for T&C’s – ‘you’ll get what you’re given!’ was the nearest some employers came to anything like resembling a ‘policy’.

A combination of forces have triggered a new Enlightenment amongst employers. An Awakening that has helped coin the (rather pretentious and hyperbolic) phrase; ‘The War for Talent’.

Amongst these forces are (but not confined to);

  • A fundamental shift in supply and demand reality – simply not enough good people to go around
  • The emergence of a more discerning candidate/employee – people looking for employers that recognised, respected and were prepared to invest in creating meaningful opportunities and pathways for the brightest and best. This, in return for commitment, effort and the contribution of real and measurable value.
  • The idea of Employer Proposition – specifically; ‘what does an employer offer, what is the draw, appeal that can be leverages to attract, motivate, retain and inspire the most talented, capable and productive of who’s out there?
  • A natural maturing and evolution of the UK labour, jobs and employment market - No longer a situation where there are urchins scurrying up chimneys for a farthing – more a case of in demand, extremely savvy and empowered workers sensing a shift in the power dynamics, recognising their worth and appeal and looking to invest what they have to offer with progressive, ethical and going places organisations.
  • Political and ideological willy waving – The world has moved on a long way since the crash of 2008 and resulting recession. Most of us have noticed a distinct shift in what economists refer to as ‘market sentiment’.

Employers are scrambling to ‘do the right thing’ – the right thing being whatever is required move further up the employer hierarchy.


Boris – a free market economics advocate; recently announced a commitment to a £10.50 Minimum Wage – a manifesto promise in the making. Jeremy Corbyn and Co will be looking to diminish this aspiration as nothing short of a pittance.


"The UK needs to break it’s addiction to cheap, available labour – and light touch legislation".

It has always been the case that some employers will have seen the writing on the wall and responded accordingly and effectively – and, in doing so, secured that all important competitive advantage over those who think simply touching wood is a strategy. Conversely, there will always be others that are dragged kicking and screaming into 21st century realities.

The reality is; a business can have all the demand, orders, process, infrastructure and hutzpah in the world – yet, without the people, skills and commitment to make it all happen – ‘Opportunity Value’ remains exactly that ‘opportunity rather than reality’.


The Government Good Work Plan – 53 opportunities to elevate your business as destination employer.
Businesses will typically fall into one of three categories:

1)   Already aligned to the GWP – the statutory obligations and the recommendations made within the Taylor Report.


2)   Some disparity/misalignment on pay rates, relevant terms and conditions.

3)  Significant disparity that, unless remedied may present potentially major challenges on cost/ROI, compliance and management burden.


The Good Work Plan, seen through a the lens of positivity, creativity and opportunity – can, if effectively embraced and implemented; be the catalyst and game-changer for a tactical shift that elevates an organisation from having to try and do business with what’s left – to a business that secures the people it needs to be Gold Standard in its respective sector.


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