Employer Updates



Characteristically, Cubed Talent has invested heavily, and responded quickly, to what is – and will remain – a fast moving, uncertain and unpredictable environment.

As part of our 2.0 service strategy; we are in the process of rolling out our Best in Class revised Quality Procedures and ‘Covid Secure’ protocols.

We are committed to ensuring that the integrity of the Covid-19 protocols and policy adopted by our clients and their respective supply chains is respected, observed and augmented by our own culture of safety.

  • Meeting Duty of Care obligations
  • Maintaining and maximising resources and capacity
  • Minimising business disruption
  • World Class standards, compliance and ethical Best Practice
  • Protecting reputations and brand image 
  • Ensuring security of supply and continuity of service
  • Raising awareness and instilling a culture of personal responsibility

This programme is being rolled out across all Cubed Talent partners and is available as part of our standard service offering to other businesses keen to ensure that Gold Standard – is the only standard.

This comprehensive programme extends, end to end - throughout the whole candidate journey and experience:



Cubed Talent Management is teaming up with leaders from critical sectors right across the UK economy to help mitigate and combat the effects of the C-19 crisis. 

We are focusing on three key elements:

1) Collaborative strategies to facilitate the redeployment and incubation of key people, skills and resources.

2) Rapid Deployment contingency workforces - immediate contingency capacity and output - where it's needed.

3) Better Together - knowledge sharing and cooperation between business leaders and key influencers.

We are inviting you to participate, share your opinion, experience and ideas for managing the current challenges - and the strategies for the Post C-19 landscape.

All information shared is anonymised and held in confidence. Findings and feedback will be compiled and shared with participating organisations.

For more information on our proactive C-19 plans and support services - contact:




The UK Government’s flagship Job Retention Scheme (‘furloughing’ as we all now know it!) – is designed to help protect and incubate key people/roles – with a view to bringing them back into play when ‘normality’ resumes.

The decision, process and status can be disconcerting – for both employers and employees. Protecting and nurturing goodwill and the all-important emotional contract, requires care, consideration and – action.

Furloughed employees are exactly that; employees, and therefore valuable members of team. Engagement, involvement, interaction, inclusion and a sense of belonging – feeling ‘part of’ is essential to the cohesion of the team and integrity of the business.

The Job Retention Scheme– specifically provides for the opportunity to train and develop those colleagues who have been furloughed due to the C-19 crisis.

  1. An opportunity to up/cross skill your people – so they’re able to contribute more value on their return. 
  2. To conserve and increase goodwill – goodwill goes a long way and encourages lots of discretionary effort.
  3. To take engagement to another level – engaged people contribute more and better. Fact.
  4. To reinforce your company core values, ethos and principles – without which, you’re just another average employer.
  5. Because the business needs to be firing on all cylinders to survive  and compete in the post C-19 landscape.
  6. Your best people need and expect to be intellectually stimulated – learning and development is brainfood.
  7. Because it’ll do wonders for your employer brand and reputation, and you’ll embarrass your competition.
  8. There’s a clear correlation between engagement, capability, motivation and your bottom line. This approach will improve your profits.
  9. It will be transformational. You’ll be doing something that others can only dream about – you’ve become a destination employer. Just. Like. That.
  10. Because it’s your job as a leader to innovate and be proactive. Passively furloughing people is bureaucratic thinking. Supercharging your team while offline – is game changing.


Workforce development can be easily delivered and achieved – whilst observing C-19 safety protocols through:

  • Online E-learning
  • Video calls
  • Collaborative home based projects 
  • Small group workshops which allow social distancing