Cubed Resourcing forms part of the the 'Strategic Talent Group', a family of specialist businesses that exist to provide answers and practical solutions to the perennial challenges facing most business - that is: The 'Talent, Skills and Business Performance’ conundrum. 

  • Effective strategies for competing for the best talent in the marketplace.
  • Cross, up and multi-skilling the whole workforce to ensure that everyone can contribute better and add more value at every level - the very best businesses fire on all cylinders - always. 
  • Leveraging talent, skills, resources and strategy to drive World Class performance. 

The Strategic Talent Group comprises of semi-autonomous commercial enterprises that compete and interact with the single focus and objective of adding maximum value to our clients.

The synergies are considerable and offer employers high levels expertise, capability and innovation within an agile, adaptive and flexible support model - which can be turned up, down or off depending on specific needs and situations. 

  1. Indigo Healthcare Recruitment - harnesses over 60 combined years of knowledge, skills, proven capabilities and innovation in the sourcing, testing and selection of high performance handpicked Healthcare Professionals.
  2. Innov8 Talent Management - a leading provider of retained Dynamic Human Resource Management, In-house Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Outsourcing services to industry. Our specialist services are designed for SME's, larger businesses and organisations with an international reach.
  3. The Future Skills Academy -  a specialist Employer Led Apprentice Training and whole of life learning and development specialist. Working directly with employers, we design, deliver and manage high quality and aspirational apprenticeship and L&D programmes to support businesses throughout the business cycle and geared to the long term trajectory and ambition. Our bespoke programmes are geared to business’s strategic vision, markets and growth trajectory and combat key strategic challenges – by dramatically improving skills, capabilities, capacity, competitiveness and sustainability. 


Talented? Come Work for Us

The Talent Team family is growing up quick.

We are recruiting for our in-house teams: graduate recruiters, HR delivery partners, STEM tutors, head of business development, service delivery managers, accomplished recruiters looking for a new model and strategy.

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