As we say all the time, strong mental health is a focus for the Talent team and for Cubed Talent and Indigo Healthcare Recruitment. A workplace is a community more than anything - regardless of its purpose or output - and we are heavily invested in ensuring our people have the tools they need to stay well.

As a recruitment and talent provider, we are privileged to have a broad reach across many sectors. It’s imperative to us that we use that reach and influence in the most positive and effective way, and during November this means joining the charity Movember to raise awareness of men’s health issues and the 60 men lost to suicide globally each hour.

As a team we set ourselves a challenge of walking or running 60km each throughout November, to draw attention to that terrible statistic of 60 men. It serves a dual purpose at a tricky time of year for many of us, with the nights starting at 4pm in the UK and many days where it can feel like the sun is nowhere to be seen! Many people find the onset of winter a tricky period and the positive effect of time outside, fresh air, walking and company on our health cannot be underestimated.

And walk we did! Being a very dog-friendly business, we have 15 team dogs, so for many of us the 60km was spent on dog walks across the Yorkshire moors, along the streets of west and south Yorkshire and down the Leeds-Liverpool canal! Early mornings, dark evenings and weekends were documented (you can see some of the photos below). For the more sporty among us there was a lot of running – shout out to Indigo’s Sally Butkovic who was the first to complete her 60km being a keen runner and personal trainer in her spare time (we don’t know how she does it either!). The most exotic contribution was completed by Emma J who walked nearly her entire 60km around Prague in one weekend – that’s one way to do it!

Raising awareness about men’s mental health can help to reduce the stigma men face when discussing various conditions and encourage more men to seek help when they need it. Throughout the month we signposted various resources such as Andy’s Man Club, Men’s Sheds and NHS men's health advice as well as deploying our very own mascot – Terry the Testicular Tzar! – to help draw even more attention to this important topic and tackle the stigmas around men’s health. It’s a yearly tradition for many men to take on the ‘Movember tache’ but as the Talent team are already quite moustache-heavy, it fell to Josh Steele to gallantly dedicate his facial hair for the cause – well done Josh!

Good health is the foundation of good work and as we are committed to delivering outstanding results year-round for our clients, candidates and our own teams, it’s essential that we take care of ourselves and our community and ensure wellbeing remains at the forefront of our minds.