Today is National SAFER Workplace Day, a celebration of the SAFER initiative's impact in reducing accidents and injuries. Let's prioritise safer work environments, with a focus on machine safety. Instituted by tec.nicum, SAFER Workplace Day promotes safety practices and employee well-being.

Key Facts:
1. Workplace injuries occur every 7 seconds. Investing in machine safety significantly reduces these incidents.
2. 73% of workers say feeling safe at work is crucial for their satisfaction and productivity.
3. Workplace safety programs can decrease injuries by 50% when implemented effectively.
4. Nearly half of serious workplace injuries go unreported, highlighting the need for an open reporting culture.

SAFER Acronym:
- STOP: Pause production, encourage safety discussions.
- ASSESS: Identify unsafe conditions, calculate severity.
- FORMULATE: Develop safe solutions through collaboration.
- EXECUTE: Implement and continuously evaluate the plan.
- REVIEW: Assess effectiveness, identify hazards for improvement.

On SAFER Workplace Day, let's renew our commitment to safety, protect employees, and ensure machine security. Together, we create safer work environments. #SAFERWorkplaceDay #WorkplaceSafety